How Radical I/O Helped Central 1 Become an Award-Winning Mobile Banking App



There is considerable competition in the mobile banking marketplace. From monitoring mortgage and investment rates on-the-go to capabilities such as mobile cheque deposit, organizations like Central 1 know they need to regularly introduce new features and benefits for their members.

When Central 1 developed a plan to re-launch a branch & ATM location finder feature in their mobile application, they knew that it would need to impress. Originally launched as a simple list-based feature, Central 1 sought to reimagine the functionality as a graphical 
map-based tool that would delight their users by increasing convenience and presenting brick-and-mortar locations in a more intuitive way.

The Challenge

While the project plan was sound, there were two challenges:

01 Speed was of the essence

Central 1 wanted to submit their app for consideration in an upcoming independent ranking of mobile banking providers, so the feature needed to be built, tested and launched with time to spare.

02 Experience was essential

Central 1 attempted to build the feature in-house; however, internal development costs proved high and the performance of the resulting feature could not pass the company’s internal benchmarks.

Central 1 approached Radical I/O for our expertise and ability to quickly scale on demand.

Radical Results

Our team was ready to help Central 1, not only in developing the new feature for their mobile app with a focus on function and usability, but also in completing the project in time for consideration in the upcoming ranking process.

We selected a set of technologies including native Apple and Google Maps, Location Services, and an embedded “Realm” Database for storing a large number of data points, then integrated these within Central 1’s existing mobile application. This resulted in a highly performant location finder feature that rivals the offerings from the major banks.

The new feature was integrated, tested and delivered on time, including performance benchmarks that exceeded Central 1’s expectations.

And the end result with their ranking? Central 1 ranked number one for mobile banking in North America by an international independent research firm.

We also helped achieve

Performance improvements within the map view

Improvements to the overall look & feel of the map-viewing experience, including:

Removing the 50km radius search limitation, now increased to 650km

Smooth panning and zooming within the map

3D maps on Android

Over the past few years, we have collaborated on various initiatives with Radical for development on our credit union’s award-winning mobile banking app. Projects ranged from location based, payments, and mobile foundational functionality. Radical has a development team that is technically strong and has integrated well to our existing development team’s culture. They have an ability to communicate complex technical ideas to the business to make the right decisions. I highly recommend Radical for any organization looking to deliver digital projects on time and on budget.

Alexander Chan

Senior Product Manager, Mobile Banking and Payments

Central 1 Credit Union

Central 1 & Radical I/O

We are proud to have built a long-lasting partnership with Central 1. As partners since 2014, we have implemented various features within their mobile and web banking apps.

About Central 1

Central 1 Credit Union (“Central 1”) is the primary liquidity manager, payments processor and trade association for member credit unions in B.C. and Ontario. They provide financial products, payment processing solutions and direct banking services.


Member credit unions in B.C. and Ontario


Financial institutions across Canada use Central 1


Combined membership of 3.3 million members

About Radical I/O

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